Easter Scissor Skills Activity for Kids

occupational therapy tools for building scissor skills in kids and helping children to cut with scissors with a fun Easter fine motor activity.

This Easter scissor skills activity for kids is a creative way to work on scissor skills with kids this time of year. Coming up with Easter ideas for kids doesn’t need to be difficult. Use a few items found at your dollar store to help kids address skills like bilateral coordination, graded precision with scissor control, and eye-hand coordination and other fine motor skills. In fact, adding this fine motor activity to an Easter or Spring craft session can be a fun way to build specific skills in a fun way.  

This is a quick and easy scissor activity to add to your occupational therapy toolkit. We used a plastic Easter egg and Easter grass (the kind that is used to fill Easter baskets) to work on basic scissor skills like opening and shutting the scissors and using the non-dominant helper hand in a fun cutting activity.

occupational therapy tools for building scissor skills in kids and helping children to cut with scissors with a fun Easter fine motor activity.

Easter Activity for Kids

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You’ll need just a few materials for this scissor activity:  

A scissor activity that is easy to create is a great activity for the Occupational Therapist’s therapy toolkit.  We used plastic Easter eggs from our Easter supply bin to hold a long strand of Easter grass.  Both of these items can be found at your dollar store, making this a frugal way to address scissor skills.   

This Easter activities for kids doubles as a scissor skills activity to help kids cut with graded precision and accuracy.

To create this Easter themed scissor activity, open up the plastic egg.  Then, place a long strand of Easter grass in the egg and thread one end of the grass through the hole in the egg.  Most plastic Easter eggs have a small hole in one end.  If yours doesn’t, then this activity won’t work.  Simply look for an egg with the hole in one end of the plastic egg.   And that’s it!

You now have an Easter-themed scissor activity ready for practicing basic scissor skills.

This Easter activity for kids doubles as a scissor skills activity to build precision and accuracy with cutting with scissors.

Occupational therapy Tools and SKills

There are a myriad number of skills that an occupational therapist can address in kids. Occupational therapists address the underlying skills that interfere with function and occupation. Those OT skills include of fine motor strength, dexterity, stability, coordination, visual perception, sensory processing…the list goes on and on when it comes to meaningful occupations and the occupational therapy tools that address these areas..

One such occupational therapy area that this OT tool addresses are independence with using scissor as well as precision with scissors in their dominant hand. Kids can hold the egg in one hand while managing bilateral coordination, precision, laterality and more. They can pull out the Easter grass through the egg and work on cutting bits of the grass.  With a small piece of Easter grass sticking out of the egg, kids can address precision grasp and release when using scissors during cutting tasks.     The egg makes a great grasping tool for younger kids.  While use of scissors requires children to hold onto and manipulate paper with their non-dominant hand, holding the egg promotes a power grasp with arch development during this cutting with scissors.    

Pulling the strand of grass out of the egg is a nice way to work on neat pincer grasp and threading more into the plastic egg’s hole is an excellent way to encourage fine motor development. Here are more Spring fine motor activities to keep your little ones busy and working on hand strength and dexterity this time of year.   

Use this Easter activity for kids to help with scissor skills as a fine motor activity that pairs nicely with Easter crafts for preschoolers and school aged kids.
Use this Easter activity for preschoolers or older kids to work on scissor skills and teaching kids to cut with scissors.

Looking for more creative scissor skills activities?  Try these:

Teach kids Scissor skills and accuracy with cutting with scissors with this easy Easter activity for kids.

Spring Fine Motor Kit

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Developing hand strength, dexterity, dexterity, precision skills, and eye-hand coordination skills that kids need for holding and writing with a pencil, coloring, and manipulating small objects in every day task doesn’t need to be difficult. The Spring Fine Motor Kit includes 100 pages of fine motor activities, worksheets, crafts, and more:

Spring fine motor kit set of printable fine motor skills worksheets for kids.
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  • Pencil control worksheets
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  • Modified paper
  • Sticker activities

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Spring Fine Motor Kit
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