Fall Pumpkin Cutting Activities

pumpkin cutting activities

If you’ve been following along with our Fall fine motor activities, then you will love adding these Fall pumpkin cutting activities! I love these pumpkin scissor skill worksheets for cutting practice with a fun Fall theme. The pumpkin images have simple cutting lines, making them a great pumpkin activity for preschool, or any child that is working on early scissor skills. Also check out our pumpkin activities for ways to extend this activity in therapy sessions.

Pumpkin Cutting Activities for Fall themed occupational therapy activities.

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Fall Pumpkin Cutting Activity

Print out the pumpkin worksheets and then use them to work on scissor skills with kids. I wanted to create a simple shape (square) to hold the pumpkin shapes. This way, kids can work up to cutting the square as a “next step” in developing scissor skills after cutting strait lines, curved lines, and jagged lines.

This resource is a great read on cutting skills progression for kids.

  • Each pumpkin image includes a cutting line. You’ll find strait lines, diagonal lines, angled lines, jagged lines, and curved lines.
  • Kids can “cut the pumpkin” to slice through the pumpkin pictures!
  • The lines on each shape start at different sides, so kids can work on placement with their non-dominant hand.

Extend the Pumpkin Cutting Activities

There is more than one way to use these pumpkin shapes this Fall. Try these pumpkin cutting activities to address a variety of skills and abilities:

  • Start with the large pumpkin cutting pieces and work toward using the smaller pumpkins.
  • Color in the pumpkins to work on coloring skills, line awareness, and hand strength.
  • Trace the dotted line with a fingertip to work on finger isolation.
  • Trace the dotted line with a marker, crayon, or even a bottle of squeeze glue to work on line awareness and visual motor skills.
  • Cut out the pumpkin images. Cut the dotted lines. Then, these can be used as mini pumpkin puzzles to work on visual perceptual skills.
  • Place the separated pumpkin images around the room. Kids can complete gross motor actions like donkey kicks, balance beams, lunges, or hops to reach different pieces of the pumpkins. They can try to piece all of the pumpkins together.
  • After cutting the lines on the large shapes and the smaller pumpkins, then ask kids to work on cutting the square to work on turning the paper to cut around corners.
  • Use these worksheets as a pumpkin craft ideas for toddlers. If given the cut out pumpkin pieces (start with the strait lines and diagonal lines), toddlers can place the pumpkin halves together like a puzzle. Use glue to glue the pumpkin back together onto construction paper to make a pumpkin patch craft! This would be a great pumpkin craft for preschool, too.

Free Pumpkin Cutting Practice Worksheets

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Pumpkin Scissor Skills Worksheets

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