Occupational Therapy Visual Schedule Cards


Occupational Therapy sessions just got easier! Includes 20 pages of 80 printable picture cards to aid in therapy sessions, classroom management, self regulation, and more!

Many students struggle with transitions, remembering supplies, and unexpected changes. These visual schedule cards can help with all of these. Other companies have provided cards for bathroom breaks, and generalized school schedules.  Therapists need cards to provide structure during therapy sessions, specific therapy tools and adaptive equipment, and student specific needs.  

These cards can be used by therapists, or provided to caregivers for carryover of learned skills and consistency.  Print these in black and white, color and laminate them, or create a velcro board with these versatile cards.


Students have a lot to process and remember.  What to bring to class, where to go, what to do first, what is expected of them, and what comes next.  Add special needs equipment, therapy tools, adaptive equipment, and additional transitions, the day suddenly becomes very overwhelming to all. 

Everyone has different learning styles. Some people like auditory input, being asked or directed what to do.  Other people need visual reminders, visual directions, or prompts to help them function.  These cards provide structure and reminders to those that benefit from visual information.

Just as there are different learning styles, there are types of alertness and personalities.  Some people go with the flow, while others stress at every change. These occupational therapy picture cards assist students who struggle to transition and “go with the flow.”

Some of the printable OT scheduling cards you will receive:

  • Therapy
  • Putty
  • Fidget
  • Manipulatives
  • Slant board
  • Paper, pencil, weighted pencil
  • Slant board, tablet, keyboard overlay
  • Snaps, buttons, laces, zippers
  • Weighted vest, blanket, compression vest, weighted stuffed animals
  • Legos, fine motor, nuts and bolts, playdough
  • Scooter board, zip line, ball pit, tunnel, swing

Ways to use these Occupational Therapy Picture Cards

  • Laminate the pages for reusability. This saves on resources, and makes the pages more durable
  • Color and decorate the pictures to make them more enticing before laminating. Or keep the pictures simple for less distraction
  • Print in black and white or on colored paper for different levels of visual attention
  • Talk about the items, describe their characteristics, and give context clues to help your learner understand what each picture represents
  • Velcro the back of the card, after laminating and cutting them,  to create a visual schedule board
  • More or less prompting may be needed to grade this activity to make it easier or harder
  • Make a visual schedule on the wall for all students to follow
  • Put the pictures directly onto the student’s desk for easy visibility
  • Modify these cards for the learning needs of each student
  • Place all of the cards in a photo album style book for easier scanning
  • Punch holes in the cards and attach to a large ring to easily access them

Customize these printable occupational therapy picture cards to meet the varying needs of each of your student learners. Use them to teach self regulation and independence.  Picture cards can be a valuable resource to add to your toolbox, whether used in therapy sessions or transferred to a classroom.

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