Sight Word Sensory Bin

 We’ve used a lot of fun and different materials to practice sight words this school year.  Sight Words with Ping Pong Balls and Sight Word Practice with string are just two fun ways we’ve practiced the work list that comes home with Big Sister each week.  Just recently, we got a note from her teacher saying “Awesome job on the sight words!”  This was a pretty proud mama and all of our practice is paying off! 
This sensory based activity is a Sight Word Sensory bin…and just one more creative ways we’ve been practicing homework words.  Putting a creative spin on the practice makes repetition fun and easy.  You can find more links to our other creative sight word activities at the bottom of this post.
Kids can practice new sight words with a sensory bin.

Sight Word Sensory Bin

I had this sensory bin ready to go when Big Sister came home from school one day.  It was a fun way for Baby Girl and Little Guy to play while they waited for their sister to get off of the school bus.
Kindergarten sight words in a sensory bin with shredded paper.

Put those paper shreds to work and use them in fun play.  Shredded paper is a great sensory bin filler.  We’ve used it a few other times and it actually about today because Little Guy remembered doing this Snowy Farm Sensory Bin activity and asked if we could pull out some shredded paper again.  The shredded paper can even be dyed to give your sensory bin a colorful spin.  We dyed shredded paper pink in our Valentine’s Day sensory bin.

Use Sight Words in a sensory bin to enhance reading for young kids.

Big Sister played in the sensory bin and said the words as she pulled them out.  We made sentences together with the words from the bin.

Shredded paper makes a great sensory bin filler for kids' sensory bin activities.

Big Sister wanted to add her entire sight word collection to the sensory bin.  It turned out to be mostly sight words!  I think we’re on to a new sensory bin filler 😉

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Sight Word Manipulatives

Sight Word manipulatives
We’ve been playing a lot with our sight word cards. Did you see our Sight Word Scavenger Hunt post?
One day we had the play dough out and we did a little playful learning with sight words.
 Big Sister worked those fine motor skills to pinch and pull little bits of play dough from a big lump.  She rolled little balls of dough…all great activities for strengthening the small muscles of the hands.
Sigh Word Manipulatives
After she had little balls of play dough formed, we pinched the sight word cards and stuck them into the dough.
Big Sister loved this!  She would read the cards as we moved them around and she loved making crazy sentences.  It got a little silly 🙂
This was such a fun way to practice our sight words.