Share It Saturday #13 and Our Week In Review

Happy Easter to all of you! 
A glance at our week includes lots of play, hanging out, and preparing for Easter. 
Here are a couple of shots of our week:
We did a lot of this:
A little of this:
And a kiddie baking session.  This cake is so good (despite it’s looks!) It calls for a can of crushed pineapple in place of oil. It doesn’t take much sugar and is still sweet from the pineapple juice.  We had a lot of fun making our mini cakes.  ((Big Sister and Little Guy each decorated their own layer.))
We used up a TON of Christmas sprinkles 🙂
Our most popular post of the week was our Creative Sensory Themed Easter Eggs.  Looking for a fun and sensory inspired technique to dye eggs this year?  Check out this round up.  You can read the post here.
On to our Share It Saturday Features for this week. 
We join the gals at Golden

Teach Beside
as co-hosts in our weekly link up party…

We had so many great links posted this week.  We went with an Easter Art theme.  We LOVE art projects in our house.  I can see us doing any of these creative and fun projects.  Check out these bloggers.  They had some fun with their Easter Art 🙂

Second Chance to Dream shares a bunch of completely cute Easter art projects.  Adorable!
The Preppy Strawberry created a fun egg carton flower wreath. This looks great on the door 🙂
Gift of Curiosity had fun making crayon resist Easter eggs by painting with water colors.  My kids would love this project!
Serenity You made quick and easy painted Easter eggs.  Simple and perfect!
4 Kids 2 Guinea Pigs created eggs by using paints and bubble wrap for a fun sensory experience. This looks like fun!
Fun-A-Day made Easter eggs by using painted handprints.  I LOVE this idea! They would be perfect for an Easter card for Grandparents.


Easter Preparations

This week has been spring break from pre-school and Pre-K for my kiddos.  We have been busy playing at home, laying low, starting our Spring Cleaning, going to a couple of parent-teacher conferences, and preparing for Easter.

Bunny Snack Cups…

This is a fun little project that Big Sister helped me with.  She was my part sorter, ear counter, and finished-product-liner-upper.
We’ll use these snack cups for our Annual Family Easter Egg hunt. 
I love the cute little tails.

Carrot Utensil Wraps…

We’ve done these utensil carrot wraps before for the Easter Egg hunt.  These were left over from a previous year. 

Easter Snack Tray…

We had a couple of little friends over today for a play date and when snack time rolled around, they LOVED this.  Everything was gobbled right up.

Peep Vase…

This was simple project that came together quickly and inexpensively 🙂
The vase is always sitting out in our dining room.  Put a drinking glass in the middle and surround with a little grass filler, pack of peeps, and a little more grass. 
I’m thinking some tulips would look pretty perfect in there!

We have more to share on our Easter preparations.  We’ll share all of the party details after our egg hunt 🙂 

Spring Sensory Seek and Find

This Spring sensory activity doubles as a fine motor activity and visual perceptual skills activity too. We used some materials we had around the house to create an “I Spy” sensory bag that kids can use to work on essential skills for reading and learning.
We’ve done something like this before.

Our no-mess sensory play activity was another version of a mess-free indoor sensory play activity.

Today we used some spring flowers that we had and stuck them inside a plastic bag.
We filled it with aloe gel and some food coloring.
There were matching stickers on a piece of paper so the kids had to seek and find the match.
 Looking back and forth to find the matches is great for visual scanning and visual memory.
Pushing the gel around to find the sticker below helps with fine motor strength, including index finger isolation.
This was Baby Girl’s version of fun:
…we did not tape the bag to seal it closed, but you may want to.  It would also be fun to tape the bag to a window like we did in the linked activity.  The gel bag is fun for practicing letter and number formation too.
Have fun with this 🙂

Creative and Sensory-tastic ways to Dye Easter Eggs

Take a look (waste an hour) on Pinterest, and you can find SO MANY different ways to dye Easter Eggs.  We didn’t see any collections that centered on Sensory Exploration while dying eggs. 
These are some fun, creative ways to dye eggs with a Sensory twist.
Craftaholics Anonymous made glitter eggs.
The Chocolate Muffin Tree used crayon shavings to decorate. Can’t you just smell the crayons by looking at this picture?

Martha Stewart shows us how to decorate with thread to make a textured egg.

Spoonful created melted crayon shaving eggs.  These look so textured and fun!

 Creaative Green Living decorated patterned eggs using silks.

Lovely Indeed explores patterns and textures using Wasabi tape.
Suite 101 works on fine motor skills…pinching little stickers on the eggs.  This site shares some natural dying techniques, too.

Toddler Approved used baking soda and vinegar to make these fun eggs.
 Explore those senses while dying eggs!

Share It Saturday #12 and Our Week-In-Review

Share It Saturday
Happy weekend, friends!
Before we get to the fun stuff, we wanted to share a bit about our week…
Big Sister has been decorating the house as we prepare for Easter:
 We’ve been playing with these little cuties. A LOT. 
Post to come soon. 

I made a batch of these Baby Chick sugar cookies.

Our Most popular post of the week was our Rainbow Round-Up.  If you missed this post, you can check it out here.

Mama to 4 Blessings created a bug themed watercolor and print art.  This looks like fun for all ages.
Buggy and Buddy was inspired by a trip to the museum to make their own Henri Matisse type of artwork. They even made their own painted paper!
Making Boys Men made their own molds and used Plaster of Paris to create sculptures.  These look like they were so much fun to paint!
The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood shares several of the current painting projects going on with her students.  My daughter especially loved the picture of the birch tree paintings: “Woooow, that’s pretty!”
Buggy and Buddy also shares the giant spring flower wall art.  These pretty flowers really brighten up a room 🙂
Night Owl Crawler shows us a super cute handprint birthday card.  Wouldn’t this be perfect for gifting to the Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles, cousins…??? I love this!


Springtime Tulip Craft

This was a craft we did on the First Day of Spring.  It was a sunny day, but really cold and windy out.  So, we brought a little bit of tulips and spring time fun indoors!

Remember our Painting Rainbows craft?  We used the painted egg carton and made some tulips.

Baby Girl watched her Big Sister make this and wanted to help with the gluing part.
We used some green crafting sticks and pushed them into another egg carton so the tulips would stand.
We used some paper grass (this is the stuff you put into gift bags…found at a yard sale last summer in a free bin! Awesomeness!)
Glue the paper grass onto the egg carton, and you get a fun spring tulip table centerpiece.
((when you have the kids who pull the whole table cloth off of the table at least once a day…Baby Girl…cough, cough…you need NON-breakable, NON-expensive table centerpieces!))
I found some cute tulip placemats at the dollar store yesterday.  I will take a pic and show the whole table set-up soon!

Baseball Cake Pops

 These little cuties were made out of a cake pop kit that I bought over Christmas but never got a chance to make.  They would have made cute little snowmen…but I had other plans:)

I made the cake according to the instructions on the kit.
All  you have to do is make one chocolate cake, bake it according to the instructions on the box and let it cool.

 Once it is cool, break it up and mix with frosting until it is easy to mold into balls.
 I decided to add a few chocolate chips…yummy!
 Roll these little babies into one inch balls and place in the freezer for 20 minutes.

 Take them out of the freezer and dip in melted white chocolate.  I was amazed at how fast they harden.  I decorated them with the icing that came with the snowmen kit.  Easy as that!
 So, just because it came out of a box doesn’t mean it can’t be original.  I love buying something and tweaking it just a little to make it my own!