The OT Toolbox: Crafts For Kids

We love to create with crafts.  There are so many developmental benefits to crafting with kids.  Children can create while working on skills like fine motor dexterity and strength, line awareness, scissor skills, language, self-confidence, problem solving, tool use, and more.  Kids can create within thier interests and will not even realize they are working on skill areas as they craft.  Scroll through our collection of crafts and choose a few to do with your children.  Have fun crafting!  And don't forget to stop back soon, we'll be adding more crafts soon.  Be sure to follow along on our Kids' Crafts Pinterest board for more ideas we find all over the internet.

 Fine Motor skills with felt crafts felt scraps fairy wands craft for kids yarn and washer jewelry craft

Year-Round Crafts for Kids

Scarecrow craft  Germ Kids craft Germ kids craft Pirate Puppet









Baking Soda Paints | Superhero Craft | Grand Old Duke of York Craft | Road Trip Snack Pack Craft

Animal Crafts for Kids

Animal crafts for kids






Summer Crafts for Kids

Fall Crafts for Kids





Winter Crafts for Kids










Spring Crafts for Kids




More Craft Ideas:

Creative painting Crafts for kids:

Creative Painting ideas for kids
Creative painting is such a fun way to explore the senses and create with color theory.  Kids will love these creative painting activities: 

Stop back again as we'll be adding more crafts for kids soon!